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Decking and Exterior Structure Design

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Complete deck design including beams, joists, decking boards, hand railing and support posts etc. Ability to have curved edges, multiple stair types, holes and split levels. Complete decking can be drawn in a single process or separate members e.g., joists drawn one at a time. Hand railing automatically positioned. All members can be configured to allow for specific sizes.

A pre-setup beam library is supplied with the common sizes, or add your own beams as required.

As with other items in SoftPlan you are not limited to the "as supplied" library items, if you require something different out of the ordinary, you can create you own library or adjust the existing components.

Post Layout
Pier or stump layout, this allows you to position the supporting posts for the proposed decking. Posts can be dimensioned so there is easy setout for the work crew.

Dimensioned Plan
This is the finished deck, showing reference points for joist and decking board direction. Each edge can be edited and adjusted for position, reference for decking joists, decking boards and deflection, used to define a curved edge deck.

Material Listing
Material listing is automatically produced from the plan of the decking, with the flexible methods allowed for in SoftList (the material list module) either exact length on a per piece basis or total length of material can be selected. Hand railing materials can be extracted separately or as a combined unit.

This 3D image is generated automatically from the floor plan. Light sources, textures and reflection values have been applied, simply by selecting the surface and assigning a value / texture. With the addition of a few symbols like trees, shrubs and fences the plan comes alive, producing an image that will sell your work, before construction has started.

This 3D pergola was generated from the floor plan. While adding members to the plan the 3D image was viewed as construction progressed, assisting in exact placement of components. Constructed with the use of the beams library. A range of beams from solid timber, LVL, built up, steel and laminated are all included. There are 2 beam libraries, general construction and decking. Treated timber decking beams are included. A library of beam end profiles allow for a variety of styles to used.

Shade Sail
This free standing shade sail was designed using Site Polygons and defining heights for corners. Textures applied from the shade cloth library and
opacity values adjusted so to be semi-transparent. Vegetation and people all selected from the extensive libraries provided in SoftPlan.


Decking, Pergolas and Shade Sails - simple, fast and accurate with SoftPlan.