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Items added to SoftPlan 2018
These items are in addition to any items added by SoftPlan Systems as part of the 2018 program.
The items below have been added specifically for SoftPlan 2018 as supplied to Australia and New Zealand by Cadbuild.
For a more detailed list of general additions and features please refer to SoftPlan Systems Web Site.
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New Walls - 4 New Dincel type walls

Four New Dincel type walls
2 Paint finished - 110mm and 155mm
2 Render and plaster finished - 200mm and 275mm

New Walls - 4 New Pentabloc type walls

Four New Pentabloc type walls
2 Plain finish - 160mm and 190mm
2 Stone finish - 160mm and 190mm


New Library - Ridgecap

A new Ridgecap library has been created to allow for the new custom
ridgecap roofing option
Plan and Rolltop have been added

Site Line - NBN Cable

A new Site Line has been added to the Site Utilities line type list

Title Blocks

3 New Title Blocks for A2, A3 and A4 paper sizes

The Title Blocks have links to Project Infomation via the new information stamps
Now additional information can be gathered automatically from the plan and Project

HiMacs Counter top colours

New texture library for HiMacs
These textures are also linked to a selection in the floor plan mode for counter tops

Decking - Steel Deck Stairs and Railing

Steel finish stairs and 2 steel finish railings added to decking

Decking Stairs

Addition of 1200 and 1500mm wide decking stairs to the existing library


Additional Speciality Cabinets this adds to the new custom cabinet tools that provide an almost
unlimited variety of cabinet shape options
When you create a new cabinet it can be saved into the Custom Cabinet library for future use

Site Coverage Report

Updated Site Coverage Report now displays value in m2 when coverage is exceeded
This helps greatly when needing to adjust non permeable area to meet specifications  

New Site Detail Report

This Report picks up the values from the Site plan and displays them with the relevent values
for length width and volume where applicable
The header also gathers information from the Project for name and address of the site

Lighting Load

The Lighting Load Report has been updated to display maximun allowed wattages, this assists
greatly when designing lighting to comply with energy ratings
It is easier to see when allowed values are exceeded

GST Values on Material Report Option   

With the new live material reports the Total has an option to calculate and include the GST.
Add the GST percentage into the Tax field.
Edit the Total and select GST in the Layout.
It will be added to the final total.


Additional winder stairs for left and right with 1 and 2 risers


Keyboard shortcut keys

The "N" key has been added to the keyboard shortcut keys
Pressing "N" will activate Block Erase

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