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Items added to SoftPlan 2022 (Local Content)
These items are in addition to any items added by SoftPlan Systems as part of the 2022 program.
The items below have been added specifically to SoftPlan 2022 as supplied to Australia and New Zealand by Cadbuild.
For a more detailed list of general additions and features please refer to SoftPlan Systems Web Site.
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What is on this page:

Draw > Wall

New Walls - 6 New Matrix Panel type walls

These walls are Matrix Panel clad with 70, 90 and 100mm timber frames.
Displayed both solid and hollow on the plan.  

New Wall - Container wall.

This wall is specifically for drawing containers. Uses container wall profile.
A Container Drawing Template has been created for designing Container Homes.

Updated Penta Block Walls

Updates 160 and 190mm Penta block walls to have stone finish that wraps ends of walls.

Updated Shed Walls

Updated 2400, 2700m 3000 and 3600mm shed walls with cladding profile
This will make 3Ds more realistic


Symbols > Miscellaneous

Added– 3 scale bars, 20, 50 and 100m.

Symbols > Miscellaneous

Added NBN fixed wireless antenna

Symbols > Miscellaneous

Added NBN fixed wireless indoor unit

Symbols > Shapes

Added horizontal cylinder (pipe) to Symbols > Shapes library.

Symbols > Post Cap

Added Round Post Cap – For Safety Rail Fence


Symbols > Landscape > Fencing > Guard Rail Gate

Added Guard Rail Gate

Symbols > Landscape > Fencing > Guard Rail End

Added Guard Rail end

Symbols > Commercial > Industrial – container 6m
Symbols > Commercial > Industrial – container 12m

Added 6m and 12m Container

Symbols > Post Caps

Added Post caps, typical stone caps for brick posts, flat and pyramid shape.

Symbols > Landscape  > Fencing

Added assembled glass panel and supports 01 as a Symbol

Symbols > Landscape  > Fencing

Added Lattice Panel

Draw > Detail > Profile:

Profile > Cladding > Shed Wall

Shed wall profile - typical Colorbond profile used in shed walls
has been applied to the shed walls in the wall library

Profile > Cladding > Container Walls

This profile is specifically for use with the new Container walls and
Container Template.

Profile > Beams > Wall tophat 96

Added wall tophat 96mm profile for shed walling.

Profile > Cladding > Batten...

Added profiles for 300, 400 and 450mm batten spacing.
Added reverse for 300, 400 and 450mm batten spacing.
These profiles can be applied to wall definitions and
used internally or externally.

Profile > Cladding > Barge Flashing

Added a barge flashing profile
To be added manually in 3D

Profile > Shadow Board

Resized shadow board profiles

Profile > Fence Rail Library

Added figure 8 profiles, 80 x 30 and 145 x 40
These profiles are used in the Saftey railings

Profile > Fence Rail

Added Oval Rail profile

Profile > Tray

Added undercut ceiling profile

Library - Deck > Railing Definitions

Added Saftey Rail definitions, Ball type railing and Figure 8 profile safety barriers


Library > Post > Railing Post

Added  - Railing Post. Ball Guard Rail Post


Openings > Interior Door > Barn Door

Added Barn Door library – 32 door symbols

Openings > Exterior Door > Container

Added Container Doors.  Single and Double Openings

Openings > Interior Doors > Sliding Shower

New Library of 8 various multi-panel sliding glass shower doors

Openings > Exterior Door > Corner Face Sliding Door

New Library of corner, face glass sliding doors

Openings > Exterior Doors > Roller Door

Re-assigned Elevation Opening for Roller Doors – Previously created too many lines on elevation


Title Blocks:

Added A1 Title Block for use with Plan Sets


Added Shadow Board to reports
Added Transition Board to reports

Added Matrix Panel to reports
Panels are calculated from the walls


Added angle framing brace, to beams section

Updated list layout - changed Fax to Web Site address  

Material Configuration

Created a Steel Framing Section in Material Setup.

Site Coverage Report

Site coverage report updated to calculate "Coverage can be increated by"...

Lighting Load Report

Updated Lighting Load report to display value in watts that exceeds allowable
and value in watts that can be increased to allowable.

and value in watts that can be increased to allowable


Added a Container Drawing Template
Configured for container home / desiging


Exterior Finish > Colorbond Fencing

Added / updated ColorBond Fencing Textures (14) Exterior Finish > ColorBond Fencing

Manufacturer > Hardie > Matrix Panel

Added Matrix Panel Textures 12 patterns. Panels in brick vertical and horizontal formats
Textures have been sized according to panel dimensions

To select colour and show panel edges, add a Relief Depth value, select Auto Match to Texture
Then select colour from Colour Swatch or Basic Colour Chart  

Opening > Garage Door

Roller door texture re-assiqned to display fewer lines on generated elevations

Material > Metal > Metal Panel

Added Chequer Plate and Chequer Plate 2 textures

Resene Paint Swatches

Updated Resene Paint Swatches

See article on

Rainbow Z16 Shade Sail Material

Updated the Z16 Shade Sail material textures

Manufacturer > Rainbow Shade > Z16 Shade Cloth

Drawing Template
Created a Container Drawing Template, this Template has the floor system and
Roof defined to work for containers. System Options > Drawing Options > Select – Add to Project

Intended to be used with the new Container wall for designing container homes

Added Watermark – CONCEPT ONLY – solid and hollow text Symbol > Watermark

Added Watermark - Display Home and Display Home @ Company Name

Line Type:

Draw > Line

Added Centre Line type of line in drawing Mode.  - - - - - CL - - - - - CL  - - - - - Draw > Line

Speed Notes > General Notes

Added as a Block and as 22 separate notes. Speed Notes > General Notes.
Includes 4 Wind Classification Notes.

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