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Items added to SoftPlan 2024 (Local Content)
These items are in addition to any items added by SoftPlan Systems as part of the 2024 program.
The items below have been added specifically to SoftPlan 2024 as supplied to Australia and New Zealand by Cadbuild.
For a more detailed list of general additions and features please refer to SoftPlan Systems Web Site.
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What is on this page:

Draw > Wall > Glass Shower Wall

New Wall - New Glass Shower Wall
Combines well with the new pivot glass shower doors.

Draw > Wall > Block 200 with battened plaster

New Wall - Block wall with Gyproc lining
22mm top hat battens and footing

Draw > Deck > Beams
18 x New LVL Pressure Treated Deck Beams

These Beam definitions have also been added to the Draw > Beam Library.
Cross Sections will display Section thickness as defined in Beam Definitions
for Laminated, Builtup and Glulam Beams.


Draw > Openings > Exterior Door > Pivot
12 x New Pivot Entrance Style Doors New Library

Draw > Openings > Interior Door > Shower
10 x New Pivit Shower Doors
Go well with the new glass shower wall.

Draw > Openings >  Exterior Door > Colonial
5 x Alloy (Thin) framed Glass Doors added to Colonial Library


Draw > Openings > Exterior Door > Bifold
5 x Glass Framed added to External Bifold Library
Bifolds can have multiple sections and various panel count left or right.

Draw > Openings > Interior Door > Bifold
3 x Glass Framed added to Internal Bifold Library

Draw > Openings > Exterior Doors > Garage
4 x 2400mm high Roller Doors


Door Hardware
4 x New Vertical Door Handles
Edit Opening > Miscellaneous

Draw > Symbols > Bathroom
4 x Mixer Taps added to Bathroom

Draw > Symbols > Bathroom
4 x Above Vanity Sinks added to Bathroom


Draw > Symbols > Landscape
4 x Garden Taps added to Landscape
Includes Purple Recycled Taps.

Draw > Symbols > Mechanical > EV Charging Panel
(EV) Electrical Vehicle Symbols for Charging Station 3D

Draw > Symbols > Signs - Billboard > Warning >
EV Charging Signs 2 x 3D  1 x Plan 2D

Draw > Symbols > Mechanical
Solar Storage Battery Symbol 3D

Draw > Symbols > Mechanical
Fire Extinguisher - 3D

Draw > Symbols > Signs - Billboard > Fire
Fire Blanket Sign


Draw > Symbols > Mechanical
Fire Blanket 3D Symbol

Draw > Symbols > Signs - Billboard > Warning
2D Symbols for use on floor plans to indicate location of Fire Blanket.

Draw > Symbols > Exterior > 350 x 350 hollow column
With brick texture

Draw > Symbols > Shapes > hollow column

Draw > Symbols > Mechanical
2 x Post Stirrups for 90mm Post

Choice of "Set In" or "bolted" design.
Intended to be used with 90mm offset posts below.

Draw > Post > Structural

1 New 90mm Post - With offset set for Stirrups
1 New 90mm Post - With Zero offset


Draw > Banding > Brick Sill
Added Brick Sill Profile to Banding

Draw > Profiles > Cladding
Hardies cladding Profiles, can be used horizontally or vertically.
Axon® - 133 and 400mm
Oblique® - 200 and 300mm
Stria® - 325 and 405mm


Updated ColorBond Textures for Roofing

Updated ColorBond Textures for Fencing

New -  Exterior Finish / Concrete / Stencil Library

Manufacturer > Wagners CFT
A Composite Fibre mesh for decking, stairs walkways etc.

Micro Mesh Decking CFT
Mini Mesh Decking CFT
Open Mesh Decking CFT
Micro Vertical (Texture)

Covertop Decking and Treddeck Decking solid surface.

Keyboard Short Cuts.
List can be displayed with Ctrl+/
In addition to the existing common shortcuts.
Ctrl + O = Overlay
Shift + V = Visible Items
V = Block Move
Alt + A = Align to Edge

Ctrl + O - Useful for quick access to the new selectable item overlay feature.

Keyboard Shortcuts specific to Plan Sets.
In addition to the existing shortcuts.
Alt + A = Align to Edge

Keyboard Shortcuts specific to 3D.
In addition to the existing shortcuts.
O = Sun Options.
L = Lighting Options.

File > System Options > System Options > Finishing Options > Exterior Trim
A New Finishing Options texture list has been implymented
This provides a selection of texture / colour finishes for the following materials.

Selected in Material Dimensions > Roof Options
Shadow Board
Transition Board

Selected in Material Dimensions > Trim Options
Corner Board
Frieze Board
Splash Board

Draw > Shape > Line
3 x New Line Styles
Updated Centre Line character


Plan Set - Title Block - Cover Sheet updated with @property_area
@Property_Area reads from the drawing stack.

The following items / materials have been added or updated to the Summary,
Detailed Short Format and Detailed Full Format material reports.

Decking Beams - New LVL Pressure Treated.
Beams - New LVL Pressure Treated.
Deck Ledger Boards - Timber and Steel.
Decking Ring Joists - Timber and Steel.
Ceiling Ring Joists - Timber and Steel.
Top Hat 64 Wall members.
Grill - Floor.
Grill - Wall.
Grill - Ceiling.

Floor Joists - Timber and Steel.
Brace - Bracket.
Post Skirts - Round and Square. Selectable profiles.

Roof Accent Truss.
Cyclone (Hurricane) Straps.
LVL Stud Insulated added to Stud formula.
Pool values for Excavation, Area and Coping.

Site Coverage and Site Details

Pool Values.

Site Details.

Site Coverage.

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