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Computer Requirements for SoftPlan

Processor (CPU):
SoftPlan can be run on any PC which has a 64-bit (x64) processor from Intel® or AMD®. SoftPlan is not compatible with any PC which uses an ARM® processor, regardless of operating system or emulator used.
A dual core processor is required at a minimum although multiple (4+) cores and Hyper Threading are preferred and will provide considerable benefits when working in 3D, while being less noticeable but still desirable for non-3D work. Multiple cores are more important than raw processor speed.

Operating System:
SoftPlan can be used with a 64-bit Windows 11, Windows 10 or Windows 8 operating system. The SoftPlan program is not compatible with the macOS® operating system.

System RAM:
At a minimum 4 GB. Preferred: 8 GB+ In general “more is better,” but  there is a point when adding more no longer provides a significant performance boost. Where that point will be however is difficult to predict.

Additional requirements:
2 button mouse/pointing device.
15GB of available hard drive space for program installation.
DVD drive for installation. Program can also be downloaded.
1 USB type A port, adapters are not supported.
An internet connection during installation and while using the program.
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