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SoftPlan 2020: Major New Features.

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The items below are a selection of major items and other features requested by users.
For a full list please refer to the Detailed features list.

Annotated Drawings

Elevations, Sections and Interior Elevations

SoftPlan version 2020 provides  Dimensions, Extensions, Notes, Symbols, and other details to be added to live Elevations, Cross Sections, and Interior
Elevations in the new Annotated mode.

As changes are made to the model drawings, dimensions and auto generated elevation markers revise to create
up-to-date detailed images that can be directly added to Plan Sets. The underlying model data is available to edit on these
views by simply switching into Model mode, making the changes, and then switching back into Annotated mode to continue
adding details.
Drawings can now be saved as live, linked to the floor plans or positive unlinked line drawings with or without annotations
from the model.
Combine Building Options with Annotated drawings in Plans Sets and various designs can be selected and updated instantly.
This is an ideal tool for those with stock designs with variations Eg, hip or gable roof, different facade options etc.

Elevations and sections can also be rendered in any of SoftPlan’s 3D modes to create a number of different
presentation styles.

PDF Import as shapes

This version includes the option to import PDF drawings as shapes. Site plans and survey drawings can be imported and edited as shapes.
You now have the choice of importing as an image or shapes depending on the requirement.

Drawing Option Sets

Multiple Drawing Options allow for different drawing options to be saved and used as required.

Drawing Options capabilities have been expanded to allow all Drawing Options for all drawings in a project to be
controlled at the Project level. This means that changes to configurations, such as note font and size, automatically carry
through all SoftPlan drawings in the project.

If different Drawing Options are required for different types of drawings (site plans, detail drawings, elevation drawings,
etc.), it is now possible to create named sets of Drawing Options and apply them to those specific drawings while still
controlling changes to the overall project at the Project level.


Dimensions can be input directly from Leica DISTO measuring devices.

Decking Ramps

Timber framed decking ramps with optional auto railing

Google Terrain Import

Terrain date from Google Earth can be imported into the Site in SoftPlan.
This provides the initial site data prior to a survey being completed.


The new Keynote function creates the ability to represent a note with a number and then reference that number.
Numbers will then be referenced in the automatically generated Keynote Schedule.

Site Line study Command

Sight Line Study command added to 3D mode displays what a person would see while standing at a specified
point in the house. This is a useful tool for checking views from locations in the house.

Trapaziod windows

Trapaziod windows can have a sloped top and or bottom
Ideal for those tricky stair well windows
The slope is set in degrees eg, 15°


360° Photos

This is a very simple method to show clients interior 3Ds.
Images can be published on Facebook, website or just viewed.

Lumion Export

For those that need to take SoftPlan 3D images even further, models can be exported to Lumion.

Lumion is a dedicated 3D rendering program capable of manipulating textures and lighting.
With the ability to enhance images with items like birds in the sky and mower paths in the lawn.

3D Printing

Export Sketchup® Model

3Ds created in SoftPlan can be exported to Google Sketchup. Once in Sketchup the model can be saved as an STL file.
STL is the file format used by 3D printers.

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