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Product Overview

SoftPlan is an object based building design software program. Aimed at but not limited to residential construction. Drawings are completed using familiar named objects like walls, slabs and floor joists etc. Since SoftPlan has been specifically written for designing buildings it understands the relationship between members so much of the tedious time consuming work has been automated, this enables anybody with very little design, building or computer knowledge the ability to produce drawings, material lists and 3d images quickly and easily.  
The concept is to have a single drawing for each floor of the building and by controlling visibility of items on this single drawing, walls, floor system, ceiling and roof can all be designed and connected correctly to each other. Using this method ensures consistency throughout the design process as there is no need for separate drawings for each part of the structure.


Producing a detailed list of materials from floor plans drawn in SoftPlan. Various report styles can be produced including Summary and Detailed, reports can be exported to spreadsheet, estimating and accounting programs. Materials can be included / excluded from the reports for new or existing work. SoftList can be used to produce other reports using values from the plans, e.g., Site Coverage and Lighting Load calculations.


SoftPlan reView is a communication package that works closely within SoftPlan. reView enables the SoftPlan user to send and receive drawings from non SoftPlan users, whether they be clients, fellow employees, tradesmen or suppliers. Utilising the free reView viewer, comments and basic line sketches can be added to the drawing overlay, without affecting the drawing. reView also has the ability to import and export PDF files.


SoftPlan+ is a suite of tools and enhancements for SoftPlan and SoftPlan reView. SoftPlan+ adds the use of SoftPlan Cloud a file sharing option for SoftPlan users. Additional 2D and 3D symbols along with numerous textures for use on 3D images. The entire SoftPlan tutorial learning series is available through SoftPlan+.
SoftPlan reView is where SoftPlan+ has the biggest impact, providing the tools to create full 3D panorama that can be sent to mobile phone, tablet or computer.

SoftPlan+ Web3d.
We've added a feature to SoftPlan+. This feature allows you to publish 3D models directly to the web to be viewed by anyone you wish. Once published, we create a link to your web3d page which is hosted on SoftPlan’s site. Anyone you share this link with can view and explore your project without needing to download and install any additional software. SoftPlan web3d models can be viewed and navigated on PC, phone, or tablet. Click here to see how easy it is to publish, view and navigate web3d models. Click here to view SoftPlan+ Web3d public gallery.


SoftPlan EDU is a special version of SoftPlan available to teaching institutions, like colleges, schools and universities. SoftPlan Educational is intended to be used in a classroom situation where multiple computers have access to SoftPlan. When a facility has SoftPlan, students will have the option to use a Homework version to complete work away from school or college.
               SoftPlan EDU is heavily discounted, please call (02) 4657 1874 or email sales for further information.
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