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SoftList is the material quantity and cost estimate part of SoftPlan. As a design is being drawn, SoftList is counting materials and adding them to the list.

SoftList generates the material list live, meaning that the report updates automatically as the user designs and makes revisions to the  project.
Easy to learn and use, SoftList provides immediate, accurate feedback on material quantities and cost estimates to inform design decisions throughout the project.
SoftList’s layout tools provide complete customisation over the report’s content, format, and appearance, allowing the user to create  attractive material list and
cost estimate reports that include a host of export and print options.

As SoftList can perform calculations from items on the drawings other use reports can be generated. SoftList is supplied with a variety of preconfigured, ready to use reports.
Some of the reports are:

The full format separates material and labour costs.

  • Lighting Load - Calculates the watts / m2 for 3 zones on the plans.
  • Site Coverage - Reports pecentage of non - permeable area compared to total site area.
  • Site Details - This Report displays values of length width and volume of site items where applicable.

The header, image, and footer information is customisable to reflect your company details.

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