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What is SoftPlan+
SoftPlan+ is a Cloud based facility that enriches the design process by providing the user with a suite of services and up-to-date knowledge of everything SoftPlan has to offer.
Who can use SoftPlan+
SoftPlan subscribers have have access to SoftPlan+
*SoftPlan+ is an additional service added to SoftPlan, not a copy of SoftPlan.
*This information is for Australian and New Zealand users only.

What is in SoftPlan+
SoftPlan+ Users have access to the following:
Cloud Sharing
SoftPlan+ saves the most recent copies of your projects to the SoftPlan+ cloud drive. Access your drawings from multiple locations so you can continue working on your project from a different system. Eg, Access your drawings from work or home.
Customer Interaction
SoftPlan+ provides an entirely new level of customer interaction that facilitates communication so that the customer is always up to date. This efficient system of interaction gives the customer the ability to view your designs in 2D plans and 3D models, from a PC, iOS or Android device of their choice, and to supply input in a collaborative process unique to SoftPlan.

SoftPlan+ Web3d

We've added a new feature exclusive to SoftPlan+. This feature allows you to publish 3D models directly to the web to be viewed by anyone you wish. Once published, we create a link to your web3d page which is hosted on SoftPlan’s site. Anyone you share this link with can view and explore your project without needing to download and install any additional software. SoftPlan web3d models can be viewed and navigated on PC, phone, or tablet.

SoftPlan+ Enhances reView functions.
All reView functionality is available through SoftPlan+ including the authoring of reView & PDF files.
Panoramic Views
Automatically generate panoramic views from predefined points to experience the model in fully immersive 3D on PC, Phone, or most impressively, a tablet.
iOS iPad and iPhone
SoftPlan+ allows Apple iOS support for the iPad and iPhone so users can access their work from anywhere. Mark up drawings, add notes, and take a virtual tour of a house in full, panoramic 3D, all from the convenience of your iOS device.
SoftPlan+ allows Android users to access their work from anywhere. Mark up drawings, add notes, and take a virtual tour of a house in full, panoramic 3D, all from the convenience of your Android device.
Free Viewer
The free reView viewer allows anyone (with permission) to see your drawings and allows complete navigation of the 3D model, while security settings allow you to maintain control of your work.


Premium Content
  • SoftPlan+ users have access to additional content that is stored on the SoftPlan+ cloud server and can be updated and augmented at any time.
  • SoftPlan+ Content Textures
  • SoftPlan+ Content Electrical Symbols
  • SoftPlan+ Content Symbols
  • SoftPlan+ Content Manufacturer Symbols
  • SoftPlan+ Manufacturer Listing
Training Material
The latest training material will be made available as it is released. Training material will be accessible via the SoftPlan start page.

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