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SoftPlan Architectural Design Software, valued by thousands of professionals, available as a easy to use, easy to teach learning tool. For schools, colleges and universities.

Easy to Teach

SoftPlan’s powerful design tools are being taught in classrooms across the United States, Canada and Australia. SoftPlan makes it easy for teachers to implement SoftPlan in the classroom by offering a free curriculum, complete with:

The  practical and straightforward approach of SoftPlan Educational software  gives students increased comprehension and confidence in their design  capabilities. Schools that use SoftPlan have found great success at  regional and national architectural drafting competitions like SkillsUSA  and Skills Canada.


Students will be able to create professional construction documents including:
  • floor plans using fully assembled objects such as walls and windows
  • electrical plans
  • custom roofs
  • cross sections, elevations
  • wall, floor, and roof framing diagrams
  • decks
  • site plans based on engineering data
  • fully finished renderings with lighting and reflection
  • materials lists along with pricing and waste calculations
Make Learning Fun

Using  SoftPlan helps increase enrollment in architectural design classes.  Students are engaged in class, making teaching and learning more fun.  Students like being able to see their designs automatically come to life through the 3D model. They can see architectural details in 3D, and  finish the rendering with lighting, personalised textures like brick and  hardwood, and add furniture from SoftPlan’s extensive symbol libraries.
SoftPlan  takes pride in making education affordable. If you would like to find  out more about the SoftPlan Educational program and economical pricing  that will allow you to offer the leading architectural design software  to your students, please call (02) 4657 1874

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