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SoftPlan reView
    "The ultimate communication tool"
Drawings and 3d models created in SoftPlan can be viewed with the free viewer on PC, iOS or Android device.
SoftPlan reView is further enhanced with SoftPlan+ that provides tools to produce stunning panoramas that utilise the gyroscope in hand held devices to look around in a room.
The viewer is free and gives instant access, anywhere, to SoftPlan drawings even by non-SoftPlan users!

Anyone (that you allow) has the ability to mark-up the drawing with comments, revisions, or create redline sketches. A great way for field personnel to access plans while on the site to record data such as material items or customer variations directly on the drawings.
Free Viewer
The free reView viewer allows anyone to see your drawings and allows complete navigation of the 3D model, while security settings allow you to maintain control of your work.

Features available from within SoftPlan (ReView module)

  • Author a reView file (.spv) from any SoftPlan file (.spd)
  • Create stunning panorama with SoftPlan+

  • Export SoftPlan (.spd) files as .pdf files
  • Import mark-ups created in reView PC or reView application (phone or tablet) back into SoftPlan
  • Create schedules of all the notes, punch items, and service symbols added to the drawings by reView PC and reView application  
  • Configure mark-up items and comments that are available to reView for material, note, and service symbol items
  • Create reView 3D models - from SoftView 3D

Features available with the FREE ReView viewer

  • View panorama that have been created with SoftPlan+

  • Use items such as shape, sketch, line, circle, and ellipse to redline a drawing
  • Make note of material items directly on the drawing files
  • Add comments to the drawing either by typing or by selecting from predefined lists
  • Place service symbols to indicate the location of items such as electrical outlets, phone, and TV jacks directly on the drawing
  • Query between any two points to calculate distance
  • Print reView drawings either to scale or fit to a page provided permission has been given by the author of the reView file (reView PC only)
  • View 3D models - rotate, view from any angle or position.
Facilitate Communication With:

SoftPlan reView is intended to assist in the communication with the client through the entire building process. Initially, it can be used to communicate design ideas to the client, as well as allowing the client to redline a design.  

Trade Contractors
All the architectural information is available in a reView file, making it valuable when dealing with trade contractors. Email a reView drawing to a trade contractor to create estimates or communicate design revisions.

Field Staff
Once construction is underway, reView is a helpful tool because all the information the field staff will ever need is stored on their device. If they need to know the size of something, they simply select it. If a dimension is required, just use the distance command. Material items can be created directly on the drawings.

Control Over the Drawing:
While SoftPlan reView was designed foremost as an effective communication tool, it is understood that as the designer or owner of a home plan, some control over your information may be required. When a reView file is being created from a SoftPlan drawing, the author will be asked several questions designed to control what information is available and how it may be used.  

The SoftPlan user controls:
  • If the reView file can be printed
  • If printing is allowed, whether or not the print can be to scale
  • Whether to include any images (typically logos or renderings) that may be included on the SoftPlan drawing in the reView file
  • To embed the actual SoftPlan (.spd) file directly in the reView file
  • While the client may wish the reView file to contain less information, your field personnel, trade contractors, and print shops may want as much information as is available.

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