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SoftPlan Subscription (Existing User - Upgrade) FAQs
What are the subscription charge conditions?  

Subscriptions are charged one month in advance.
Initially you will be charged for two months then every month on the day the subscription is commenced.
If cancelling your subscription, only fully paid for months will be refunded.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

The SoftPlan program will stop working.  If you wish to restart the subscription a restart fee will apply.
Your key will revert back to the last fully paid version.

What do I need to do to cancel my subscription?

Two things:

1, Give sales a call to let them know that you wish to cancel.

2, If a key was provided with the initial order it must be returned to our office.
Note:  Part month credits will NOT be prorated.

Does the SoftPlan Subscription require a key?

Yes - You exiting key will be updated if suitable, or a new USB key will be sent with the initial order.

Does SoftPlan run and store my files on the Cloud?

NO - Although you can utilise the SoftPlan Cloud for drawings sharing, the program and your files are located on your computer.

Does the SoftPlan Subscription include SoftList, reView and Training?

If updating, only existing modules you already have will be updated.
Additional modules, eg, SoftList can be added at a cost.
You will have access to online all recorded training materials?

I am already a SoftPlan user, can the SoftPlan subscription be used as a way to obtain an additional station?

Yes - a SoftPlan subscription is the only way to get an additional station.

Can a SoftPlan subscription run older versions of SoftPlan?  

No - while a SoftPlan subscription can open projects created in older versions only the current version will run.
If upgrading an existing key, you will still be able to access your current version.

Can I stop or pause my subscription then re-start it?

Yes - but when you restart the subscription a restart fee will apply.

Can a perpetual license be purchased rather than a subscription?

No - SoftPlan is only available via subscription.

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